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Age 29

He was the most kind and loving human being i knew. He had the most kindest heart! He would go out of his way to do things for other people without a thought behind it!

His very giving and kind nature!

I will always miss hearing him say "I Love Momma".

Christopher Lamont Harris, Jr

Age 20
Brother, Father, Son, Happy, Family-oriented
Age 20

Chris was a very happy and live person. Very protective, will give you the shirt off his back. Great with his hands, Loved to talk make people laugh. He loved Thanksgiving and Christmas , especially when family and food is involved he loved to eat.

My favorite memory of him was when he was visiting from getting a haircut, sitting down just talking to his first born niece, and just saying how he loved kids and couldn't wait to have a daughter of his own.

I will most definitely miss his laugh. It was different and distinct, you know it was genuine, full of life, our walks, his dancing and the smile he wore all the time.

Chris was always strong and caring, nurturing. He could make the frown off your face leave just saying a few funny things, whether you are sad or mad, even in a dance.

Brady R. McCarty

Age 25
Son, Brother, Father, Friend
Age 25

Brady was funny, brilliant, talented, and much loved.

Too many memories to choose just one.

His sense of humor. His music. Brady, period.

Jada Cheyenne Stanley

Age 17
Precious daughter, sister, granddaughter, and niece
Age 17

Jada was so full of life, always had a smile on her face, and could always put a smile on yours. She was our baby and we miss her terribly.

There is so many, it's hard to pick just one

Her smile, her laugh, her amazing attitude and love for other people.

With all the love that she so freely gave unconditionally

Devon James Roberts

Age 28
My heart, my son
Age 28

Bighearted, kind, smile that would light up a room.

Visiting him in Huntington Beach. Just being with him in his element. He was so happy.

Everything. His infectious smile.

He would want everyone to keep fighting and never give up. He wanted peace and to be free

Levi G. Onstott

Age 25
Beloved son, sweet, gentle soul.
Age 25

My son was just a wonderful human being. He was silly, loving, kind, gentle and compassionate. He loved his family and was a great friend.

One of my favorite memories was his laugh. From birth he loved to laugh and had the sweetest sense of humor. He would often call me with the silliest joke and get such a kick out of himself. He brought so much happiness to my life.

We will miss everything about him. His smile, his laugh, his hugs and just spending time together. He took up a huge part of our hearts,

I know he would like to be remembered as someone who was kind, compassionate and caring. We do an annual food drive, hand out supply bags and gift cards in his name to those in need. As long as I’m alive I’ll keep his name and generosity alive. He will always be remembered with an abundance of love.

Marc Francis Morroni

Age 40
Son giving hard working
Age 40

Beautiful inside and out!until drugs came

His laugh, his eyes

His caring

As caring and good

CJ Blake Wadlow

Age 19
Son, Brother, Musician, Poet, Athlete
Age 19

CJ was full of love and adventure. He never met a stranger and was always out exploring and trying to learn new things. He loved music, writing lyrics, skateboarding, basketball, and baseball. He loved everyone and forgave easily. I miss him dearly.

There are so many favorite memories. He used to climb up the walls literally wearing his spider man costume as a little boy. I once caught him skateboarding off the roof. He had taken off the wheels and turned it into a boogie board. I remember him grabbing this stuffed toy frog that made a croaking noise when you shook it and beelining straight out the store door when he was three because he fell in love with it. He was a bit of a wild child. I wouldn’t change anything about him. He was precious.

I will most miss hearing him say momma and I love you. I miss his sense of humor. The way he loved me unconditionally. The way he was protective over our family and wanted to make us proud. I miss his innocence before the drugs. I miss his beautiful blue eyes, crazy curls, and dimpled grin. I miss smelling his aftershave and cologne. I miss hearing his stories and spending time with him. Drugs started to take him long before death. I will never miss the psychosis or fear that he experienced.

CJ would want us to remember that he wasn’t in control the last years. He would want us to remember his kind heart, his sense of humor, his undying love for all of us. He would want us to remember his music and the songs he wrote, his humor and athleticism. He would want us to remember that he tried very hard to get better and that he is not hurting anymore. Above all he would want his friends and family to remember that all he ever wanted was for all of us to be happy and to have a good life.

Robbie Wheeler

Age 39
Son, brother
Age 39

Always helping others, thoughtful and caring

Spending time together when he was a child

Our alone times and talks

Justin Martin Brady

Age 28
Son,caring,giving, generous,lived outdoors, outgoing
Age 28

Justin grew up in a loving stable home, who had values n traits like saving money n working in plumbing trade, he had plenty of friends, loved playing basketball, watching football, baseball, he was a good hearted soul who loved everyone he met 🖤💜

My favorite would be his random hugs just because 🖤💜

Even though I endured 7 years with his addiction I would do it again just so God would give him back to me so I can touch, talk n see his smiling face again 🖤💜

He would want to be remembered for his outgoing n loving personality with everyone he met 🖤💜

Vernon Wayne Haddock

Age 58
Loving person
Age 58

Very persistent in whatever he pursued he loved to have fun he would give to anyone if he had what they need fun to be around in general

The way he loved me and his boys and his mother so much

Being able to touch hold and kiss him

Father, son, brother, husband, a friend to all

Kenneth Paul Noles

Age 38
Would give you the world
Age 38

Wonderful father of two beautiful girls he had a sense of humor that was really good he loved the outdoors fishing and hunting the mountains he was a gentle soul he loved his mama he will give you shirt off his back to you if you need it a loved wonderful man

His laugh and you smile

Being able to kiss and hold him and just being near him

That he loved his daughter Heather and Allison with all his heart

Haney Eugene Bourland

Age 41
My baby brother
Age 41

His smile could get him every where. He had a way of talking to anyone and everyone. Haney was definitely one of a Proud of who he was.

When I was giving birth to my son Haney was 12 years old he wanted to be in the room with me and when I wouldn't let him he laid on the floor with his ear by the door until Colton was born he was the first one to know. He was so excited about being an uncle

His laugh listening to him talk almost everyday while he was driving or we need to stop by

Haney would want to be remembered for who he was as a person as a husband as a brother a friend and of course as an uncle he loves his nephews and he was a hard worker who enjoyed doing his job and being the best at what he could do he had a way with people especially women

Age 27

In my eyes my father was perfect.

My favorite memories of my dad were skiing at Yawgoo, trips to the Nordic, fishing trips, and fun filled nights at block island.

I will most miss that my father will never get to meet his grandbabies.

As the silly happy soul they were!

Jennifer Marie Reynolds

Age 29
Loving daughter, mother, sister, friend
Age 29

Jennifer was a beautiful soul, inside and out and had a genuine heart and eager to help others. She was smart, talented and creative, organized and had a great sense of humor.

Jennifer was a great big sister! She also loved her only son, Trey. She was always a joy to be around.

I miss Jennifer’s smile and quick wit. She could bring me to tears just laughing so hard! She was my sunshine.

Jennifer is to be remembered by her life helping others struggling with substance use disorder through a mission of The Jennifer Act legislation. This bill is Indiana HEA 1448- The Jennifer Act. A new bill has been drafted in Florida in her memory. The search is on for state sponsorship currently. The new bill is titled : Jennifer’s Act- ECIA. Emergency Crisis Intervention Act. Jennifer died in Pinellas County, FL. Her mother, Sharon Blair is the Founder of this Advocacy.

Marissa Nicole Guzman

Age 16
Heart of Gold
Age 16

She had a good heart, she cared for others & always put her people before herself she was the one person who would be there for you even if her world was falling apart.

I’ll miss her always smiling & knowing how to make the bad days better.

Sam Cioffi

Age 22
Son, Brother, Nephew, Friend, Teammate, Big Heart
Age 22

Sam will be remembered as an amazing son to Doug and Sally. The best brother to Drew, Ford and Alexa. The outgoing nephew to Nancy, Dion, Giff, Sue, Eric and Liza. The loyal fun friend to Dakota, George, Tyrese, Kollin and many others. The talented passionate teammate to Lake, Pat, Drew, Dakota and the other members of Salem State Lacrosse team. Sam had the biggest heart and smile. We miss him so much!! "let them know he passed this way once" #22 #37

Christopher Alexander Torres

Age 19
Brother, Son, Nephew, Grandson, Friend
Age 19

Christopher was an exceptional human being. He was a beautiful bright boy, who could take apart and put together a computer. He was kind and giving. His life was robbed due to Fentanyl Poisoning. He died drowning on his own saliva.

He died alone while his friends and girlfriend partied and then slept. They heard him gurgling but never called 911. He had plans to go into a rehab program within two days.

My favorite memory of him is when his grandmother bought him his first car. He was so excited that his face was beaming with excitement. Or when he would call every morning at 5:30am before work. He told me things that broke my heart but was always grateful that he knew he could come to me without fear of judgement.

I will miss his smile, his voice, his face, his scent, his kindness. He was always there for my daughter who he considered his sister. He would go out looking for her when she would go missing. He missed her so much when she was in treatment. They were robbed of growing up together. He had a job, he had a family who loved him, he took one pill too many and that one pill contained Fentanyl and an antidepressant. He did not intend on taking Fentanyl so he was poisoned.

I would like him to remembered as a human being and not a statistic. He was not a junkie. He was a 19 year old beautiful boy who made a mistake. He never should have had to pay with his life.