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Joshua James Cook

Age 31
Son, brother, father
Age 31

He is missed everyday

With his son Evan

His smile

He tried very hard to free himself from his demons

Brent Tyler Propst

Age 20
Son,Brother, Friend, Funny,Outgoing
Age 20

Brent had a big personality, he was always surrounded by huge group of friends , always the the jokester he was a amazing brother , big heat , had a love of cars his especially a Mazda he was always taking to car meets .

I miss his voice, especially him calling me momma , his laugh

Brent was affectionately called “Brenty Bear “ by friends , football coaches and his family , he had a big heart and cared for everyone important to him

Rusty Ehart

Age 37
Son, Father, Heart of Gold.
Age 37

Rusty was a very intelligent man with a heart of gold. He was always there to help you out. He found out 2/21 that he was going to be a daddy again. He was elated. Then someone poisoned him with fentanyl. I am raising his baby now Love and miss you 💔

His laugh and his sense of humor. And how he always found the first morel mushrooms

I miss talking and drinking coffee at 4 a.m. before we went to work. He had so many hopes and dreams and was on his way towards them. Owning his own house, he had cows, tractors, trucks and a car. Oh and 3 ATV’s that him and his oldest son Wyatt {15} would have a blast on.

Always in my heart. I miss him so much.

Keen Harper Frisk

Age 23
Son Heart of Gold
Age 23

Tall strong and stout. Very handsome w/very nice smile contagious actually. Really miss him calling me momma! Very friendly and respectful! Everybody loved him that knew him! Very smart, loved foot ball / basket ball as well as running and boy was he ever fast.

Getting me a big tree stump from the Forrest, watching him play football!

Not be able to watch him grow into a man. Having a wife with children. Enjoying family like we’re suppose too.

As being a kind loving and very caring man! Heart of Gold💙

Christian Ray Jones

Age 23
Son, Brother, Bringer of Laughs
Age 23

Christian was born to bring smiles to the faces of all he knew and it was a job he perfected up til the day he transitioned. He will always be known as someone who could make you laugh. His laugh was infectious. His heart is huge and he loved big.

Way too many but when he was learning to write his name he would always write Bob…it was easier to write and happened to be his favorite Papa’s name. Kindergarten screening day when asked to write his name, he wrote BOB. The lady administering the test really got a kick out of that.

His loving kindness, his huge heart. His smile and laugh. He gave the best hugs.

100% would want to be remembered as someone who was always there for people (and stray animals) in need.
He’s smiling now knowing people remember him as funny and always bringing joy everywhere he went.

Kirk Graham

Age 45
Big brother, the gentle giant
Age 45

A Sweet, kind, funny, quick witted gentleman

His infectious laugh

Estil Holliday Lanham

Age 35
Musician son brother Uncle Grandson
Age 35

Estil was my first born son who made me a mother. He was a very talented musician and tattoo artist.

When the doctors placed him in my arms. I was always told I would never have a child.

Him just being around. Him always joking around with everyone

As a musician and hard working man. And extreme Volkswagen fanatic and mechanic. He loved his 67 beetle.

Kevin J. Rhoda

Age 26
son, brother, heart of gold
Age 26

Kevin was funny, had a heart of gold, was a good son, brother and friend.

Kevin loved Halloween. One Halloween he dressed up in an ape costume and decided to ride his bike in the neighborhood and wave to everyone. The next minute my husband and I looked out the window and saw all the neighborhood children chasing him and screaming get the ape. He quickly rode his bike into the garage to escape from all the children.

everything, most of all his kindness and humor

A kind loving person and not a "drug addict"

Christian Alan Iliff

Age 23
Son,Brother,Uncle Forever in our hearts
Age 23

My precious son Christian was kind loving and generous beyond words. His brilliant smile bright as a star in the sky. He was the best friend anyone could have and absolutely knew no strangers. The sunshine of the family we are lost here without him.

There are entirely too many amazing memories to choose a favorite.

Full of love and laughter. Genuine and would literally do for others ALWAYS before himself. It's impossible to think of Christian without my heart swelling with love. Chris would want to be remembered as loyal to friends and family I believe. It's difficult to speak for him as he is full of such great spirit and that beautiful spirit lives on. I adore you my son. You are forever in my heart and you are the most wonderful son a mother could ever know. I am Blessed to be your momma.

Destinee Faith Bulosan

Age 14
Age 14

Destinee was so Beautiful, smart and so artistic. she was so loving, caring & nurturing. She was the best big sister she was always eager to help anyone in need. she made me a very proud Single parent

Her singing to her little sister Delilah.
"Hey there Delilah"
Destinee started singing that song to her sister just days after I brought Delilah home from the hospital after she was born.

I miss everything about her. I miss her voice, her laugh, her personality
her sense of humor. She was so beautiful I was so proud and I couldn't wait to see the great things she would have done for this world as an adult. She had so much to offer she would have been her game changer that's for sure if she would have made it to her adult life

Vivacious, funny, beautiful, loving,caring,affectionate, kind, thats who Destinee was. Anything she set her mind to she achieved above and beyond. She was so smart. She was a straight A student & so artistic. she had a lot to offer

Ian Scott Gates

Age 27
Father,Son,Brother,Loved One
Age 27

He was a kind,caring,good hearted person that loved his family very much.

How happy he was when his children were born.

That no matter what he was always there to help out with whatever the situation was.

That he is loved and missed everyday and that he was always appreciated

Ygnacio D Arias

Age 42
Husband,father, son, brother, had the biggest heart
Age 42

Ygnacio was the love of my life, we had three kids together, he was my protector,my rock, my everything. I miss, his smile, his laugh, his touch, his personality, our kids miss him tremendously. He had a big heart, always thinking of others.

I loved how he loved us, he told me he would die for me that's how much he loved me and the kids. I loved how he was so kind and generous. Accepting of others.

Everything...I miss every single thing about him.

For having great selflessness, for loving others for who they were and accepting them as they were and loving deeply. A beautiful,kind soul.

Vladimir Panov

Age 30
My lovely friend
Age 30

My best friend, Marina's brother, Vlad senior's son, Tatiana's son, uncle to awesome kiddos. Best guy on this planet until his untimely demise in January 2015. I love you and will miss you literally forever. Thankfully, I still see you in my dreams.

Eating freshly smoked salmon, fresh avocado with Natty Ice- it was and will forever be divine.


As a kind, gentle, intelligent and wild human.

Mike A Ugland

Age 42
Brother Uncle Son
Age 42

Hi! I have read many stories and even explored other websites for information on individuals I have read about and by know means read them all! Just enough for me to finally post. My brother not "technically deceased" but a anoxic Brain injury I learned what was later. Feels much worse then a death. Can't speak, eat, go bathroom, etc. Years of finding a place for him at different times. Several moves. My parents have been devastated. Not going into details but as everyone knows losing a child is devastating. And this one still here as a reminder with no quality of life. Deal with his care daily. Mind you we are so lucky the place we were able to get him into 4 plus years ago still there. The staff is amazing! And always hard to find help. Who would want to this kind of work! Cleaning and feeding the disabled? I still hate going there.

We were brothers and close til say Jr high area drift apart and then best friends and ran business together for years. And then I saw it coming and we tried

Well not his loud snoring /breathing as kids in a hotel room. But pretty much everything as someone that knew him 42 plus years going on 49

Still trying to figure that out being he still "alive"

James Hernandez

Age 51
Age 51

Uncle, thank you for being my best friend.  Even on your bad days, you listen, gave me advice, and show so much love.  I know you struggled, but your smile always brought sunshine in the darkness.  So many judged you and I felt your pain but know you are forever in my heart!  Never forgotten.  My uncle was an awesome person, even in the mist of addiction he was always with a big smile and his hugs were always full of love.