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Hayley Nash Beeghley

Age 35
Mother Daughter Sister
Age 35

Hayley lived life on her terms with ferocity and passion. She did things her own way. Fiercely independent yet devoted to her children and her family when she could be with us.

Baking a chicken in the oven upside down

The opportunity to help and support her. The opportunity to see Hayley finally find some inner peace

Hayley would want to be remembered as someone who did the very best that she could given the hand she was dealt in life. She didnt ask to be born differently.

Oshakee Marie Zink

Age 30
Beautiful, Clever, Compulsive, An Artist
Age 30

Oshakee succumbed to drug addiction multiple times throughout her life, until there was no waking up. Many people and organizations tried to help but her truth, forgiveness, happiness and life within herself she never found outside of the drugs.

Oshakee loved living life her way and by her rules. Even though she couldn't, she would want everyone else to speak the truth. The truth is, you know someone whose life is vulnerable to addiction or who is an addict. Stop turning a blind eye!

God, hear our prayer

For NAS babies born, for those who care for them, for frightened struggling parents who fear to lose them, for those who give foster care, and for those who must decide for these babies’ welfare, we pray to God.

Oshakee's, (a.k.a.: KeyKey), artistic abilities were exceptional. She could decorate a room with her creations and keep you up at night with her written words.

God, hear our prayer.

For families and friends of those who are in the midst of addiction or on the path of recovery, that they may have the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can, and the wisdom to know the difference, we pray to God.

Osh would like to be remembered as a Recovering Addict but that's not possible. Silence would mean her death was in vain, but if one person's life could be saved then her story of childhood trauma, mental health issues, abuse and her years of trying to get clean should be told. A product of her environment, she could not break the cycle. She used every service available but the drug hold was too strong. Osh fought her addictions but her light shattered before she could win the war. Let us pray.

Dalton Robert Mulkey

Age 24
Dad, son, brother, addicted….
Age 24

He was trapped in his addiction. He fought it so hard. We all tried to save him, but we couldn’t. Now my 7 & 6 year old have to go the rest of their life fatherless

How funny he was. Always making everyone laugh

His creativity

As a dad who loved his children, before introduced to satan himself

Amber Marie Cleveland

Age 21
Daughter, smart, loving, funny, missed
Age 21

Amber was my life, my only child, my mini me. Beautiful, kind.Would help anyone. So loving,funny,A bit shy. Animal lover,loved softball, Music. There's a bond between a mother & daughter that can never be broken 💔 I miss you Baby girl

All our memories together were good and bad, that's life but I'm glad we had lots of good ones and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Her face, smile and beautiful brown eyes. Amber was a bit shy but her heart was so big she helped many. Funny and goofy loved making people laugh. I miss everything about my baby girl.

A beautiful young girl with so much to give, so much love she had her whole life ahead of her. Amber had such a beautiful smile,eyes and heart. I remember her as goofy, smart,loving girl who had so many friends and so much love and life.

George Ralph Pegue

Age 74
Brother, Father, good as gold
Age 74

Ralph was the most warm hearted man anyone could meet. He was a father, grandfather, brother and uncle who always made sure his family was good.

Mark Frymier

Age 29
Son, Brother, Father, Grandson, Uncle
Age 29

Mark had a heart of gold he would help anyone that needed help. He loved his family and wanted to make everyone happy. He had a silly side and loved to make people laugh. His smile would light up a room. He was an animal lover.

It is so difficult to decide what my favorite memory would be, because there are so many. I think my favorite memory was when he was a child, he was so attached to me that he had to be with me all of the time. The only way I could get him to sleep was to let him go to sleep in my bed and he would rub my hair until he would go to sleep.

I will miss his hugs the most. Every time I would see him, he would come to me with a big smile on his face and give me a big hug and say, "I love you mama, how are you today".

Noah Alexander Cass

Age 23
He was a good friend son brother was there for everyone
Age 23

He would give you his shirt off his back if he had to

Every memory

His laugh his smile his voice

Through all the good times

Devin Wayne Miller

Age 28
Loving son
Age 28

Devin was brilliant and loved God.He loved his family and friends.He never met any strangers and love putting smiles on people's faces.He loved playing his guitar and music.Sadly to say my son was poisoned by fentanyl and he's missed dearly.

I miss not being able to see him and hug him.I miss not being able to tell him how much I love him.I miss his phone calls,voice and knowing he want be walking through the doors again.I miss his smiles and laughter.I miss his love and I miss my first born

God fearing and full of life

Jeremy Michell Sherfey

Age 51
Boyfriend, father, grandpa
Age 51

He was My world for 14yrs he had a hard fight for years, he was caring, he was very stubborn lol but he was a good man.

When we were in his truck and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Just having him tell me Holly it's you and I "till the hubs rub" . I will miss seeing his smile everyday hearing his voice. Just everything about him.

Shawn Thomas

Age 44
Son, Brother, Father, My Heart and Soul
Age 44

Shawn was a Christian before anything. He was generous and kind hearted. Loved children. Always put others before himself. He could light up a room just by entering into it. He was funny, quick witted and smart.

Laying out at the creek on a blanket staring at the stars in the night sky.
Living in the country gave us a million stars most nights. Getting excited pointing out falling stars, fireballs and being able to see Mars and Venus.

His love for life. He enjoyed nature and all it had to offer. If you wanted to find Shawn, chances are he would be at the creek fishing.

Shawn would want to be remembered as a Christian.

James Robert Muir

Age 35
Always helping someone
Age 35

James was so intelligent. He was 'quick on his feet', which, in turn, made him funny. He was a writer. Some of the things he wrote are incredible, poems, and stories that will make you laugh, maybe weep your heart out, or give food for thought.

There are so many, I just can't choose a favorite. When I saw him interacting with, and loving his children, when we went to concerts together, when he was in dire pain, but wanted to walk me through the park to visit my favorite tree; every memory is a precious one.

James'retention was almost photographic. I miss him all times, but especially when I want to ask him something. I knew he'd rem. or know. Now, I must resort to google. It's almost unbearable watching football without him. He knew the game so well, and taught me so much. My son was an incredibly kind and caring man.
He was such a great storyteller, animated and demonstrative. He should still be here writing, and telling his stories. But, alas...

I think James would like to be remembered as someone who made a difference to a person/persons on his journey.
So very many have told me how grateful they were for his help at some time or other. I think that's just the legacy he wanted to leave. That, and that he loved his children, his family, and his friends.

Taylor Paige Tabet

Age 27
Beloved Daughter and Granddaughter
Age 27

As a family, we lost a beautiful soul who brought joy to our world and filled our hearts with light and love. She was funny, playful and a ball of energy. She loved karaoke even though she couldn't sing. She was warm, compassionate, strong and courageous. She will forever be in our hearts. 

We will miss her hugs, smile, her laugh and the goofy way she danced.

There can be no good byes for us
It'd be too painful, dear
Our connection still lives on
Although you're far from here

I miss the times that we once had
But one day, once again
I'll hold you close and laugh with you
I just wish I knew when

Each moment til that day arrives
Until my time is through
I'll miss you more than words can say
And always think of you

I'll look for you among the stars
And each dawn 's pastel sky
And whisper words of love to you
But never say goodbye

Kiel S Duggins

Age 31
Big Cookie Big Love
Age 31

Kiel was a generous and loving person. He loved engaging conversations with anyone. He was outgoing and loved dancing and enjoyed many friendships.

His love.

Loving and Kind

Jamie Lasley

Age 49
Family and friends meant everything
Age 49

An amazing friend & the glue that held the family together. He always had a smile on his face and &loved to be center of attention. A protector, an animal lover, family oriented, and the boss. He was willing to lend a hand to anyone that needed help.

Getting Married

Seeing him come home everyday, cooking dinner together and just watching tv after a long day.

Jamie was a protector, an animal lover, family oriented. He was willing to lend a hand to anyone that needed help. Jamie will be missed by anyone and everyone that had the honor of knowing him.

Joshua Andrew Goulden

Age 20
Son, brother, nephew, grandson, friend
Age 20

Joshua was a talented artist through drawing, music, skateboarding and martial arts. He was funny and loving. When he loved it was with his whole heart. He struggled hard through this life and was a true mammas boy. Forever loved and missed.

So very many memories!! One of my favorite was a skateboard competition and he was the youngest in his category at age 7-10. As he hit the half pipe and came up he stopped on his board and brushed his shoulders with his hands, smiled and kept going. He rocked that competition and took 1st place!! He was so proud as was I.
He also was the regional sparring champ at age 8. He could draw ppl in such detail it was amazing! His music was his passion. He sang and wrote of his life.

Joshua had an infectious smile and wonderful sense of humor. I'll miss our talks, out adventures and all the milestones he will never have.
He only preformed his music publicly once and it was dynamic! He dropped the jaw of many who had no idea of his talent. I'll miss the songs he wrote with so much passion.

He would never want to be forgotten. He would want to be remembered for his huge loving heart and the love he gave to others.
Every teacher he ever had said he always befriended the new child or the one no one was playing with. He knew what it felt like to be left out and he never wanted others to feel that way. I miss his kind, giving soul. The world lost a beautiful soul with so much to give. Taken way too soon.
I will love you always, my precious son. I miss you... Until we meet again ❤️

Dustin Richard Hess

Age 32
Loving,happy great uncle
Age 32

My blue eyed baby boy so loving and caring ! Oh I miss you

My son was always playing tricks , scared me one night in the corn field ! Hah you always made me smile

His beautiful smile and laugh and what a great uncle he was ❤️

For his love of cars

Christopher Alonza Steward

Age 17
Brother, Cousin, Nephew, Son
Age 17

Chris loved music, enjoying life with friends and family. He loved goin to church & making music for God. Chris was humble and loving, and always loved watching spiritual evangelical programs, and playing guitar and piano.

There comes a time for all of us when we must say goodbye, but faith and hope and love and trus can never never die.

We will miss his smile and energetic personality.

Japharah A Washington

Age 0
NANCY DAWKINS OBITUARY The beautiful and loving life of Mrs. Nancy Ann Hollis Dawkins, age 70, of 119 Kennedy Street, Gaffney, widow of Mr. Sammy Dawkins, came to a close on July 2
Age 0

Patrick Dylan Bannan

Age 38
Brother, Son, Friend, Prince of Fun, aka PtrickUno
Age 38

My brother had the sweetest disposition of anyone I have ever known - kind, patient, empathetic, compassionate, generous, and very sentimental. He loved to make people laugh and positively impacted a lot of people all over the world.

I am 15 year's older than him and I took him on a road trip with me when he was seven to visit Montana for a few weeks. Anyone who knows my brother, knows he loved to tell funny stories and make people laugh. He made me laugh so many times on that long road trip with his funny stories. I have so many fantastic memories of the two of us from that special trip - river rafting, camping, and horse back riding. I also remember how much he loved to entertain people through music and dancing.

Definitely his hugs! He was famous for them. Both my mom and I, and many others, will miss his gentle spirit, laughter, and how he always knew just the right thing to say to lift our spirits up. What the world will miss most is Patrick's kindness. He loved to help and support people in realizing their full potential and dreams. Patrick often would go out of his way to help people when they were struggling, whether it was with his money, time, artistic talent, or other resources.

I think he would like to be remembered as someone who was authentic, lived life fully, and on his own terms. He made his life a great adventure filled with amazing memories and friends who loved him dearly. He lived by his values and encouraged others to live by theirs. He was known as the Prince of Fun and would like to be remembered that way. Keep laughing, dancing, creating, and celebrating. He would also encourage people to keep being kind to one another, lift each other up, and hug lots.