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Ashley Martinson

Age 36
My beautiful daughter Ashley
Age 36

Some people have the ability to always see the beauty surrounding them and in others. Ashley was one of those people. She never ceased to acknowledge the beauty in people, even when they were at their worst. She always stopped to appreciate the sunset and to smell the roses! Ashley never shied away from an adventure that peaked her interest; however, she truly enjoyed the simplest pleasures in life. From cuddling with her sons, fishing with her fiancé, helping her nieces with their hair, craft projects, to a simple walk through the neighborhood, she paused and appreciated those moments. Ashley highly valued the simple pleasure of a conversation with a friend. She was consistently welcoming and available to lend an ear. Many felt comfortable talking to her about topics ranging from nothing in particular at all, to the meaning of life itself. If you were so lucky to discuss the meaning of life with her, you would know her meaning and purpose in life was family. Nothing made her smile shine brighter than having her family and friends together.

I have so many this is one that stands out. Every night saying good night mama! Love you!

Hanging out and talking, watch movies. Her incredible hugs!

Her love for God and non judgemental love she showed everyone. That she fought a good fight with her addiction.

Noah Ezra Wood

Age 21
Age 21

Noah was an amazing person. He had a very loving heart and deep appreciation for life. Noah had addiction problems that he was not able to overcome. He maintained a positive relationship with his family and friends which we are very grateful for.

Noah laying on the bed talking to his mother while playing with the dog. Camping and fishing and just hanging out with him watching video's and talking about life.

His words of encouragement and ability to have unconditional love towards others. His huge loving heart.

Noah had a deep appreciation for life. He wanted to travel and was very smart. It hurt him that people looked at him and saw his addiction. He wanted people to understand that he was much more than that. Noah was so talented he loved to hunt and fish but he also loved to learn and travel. He wanted others around him to not be limited by dealing with his addiction. He wanted people to keep pushing themselves to be better and have a better life. This is what he was trying to do for himself.

Age 21

Caring, loved , missed everyday

Bryce’s great sense of humor & love of animals


Justin David Harkins

Age 42
My middle son.
Age 42

Justin was a sweet,kind,loving person. He would anything he could to help others. He was a hard worker and worked every day that he could, sometimes 7days a week. He was a carpenter. He loved to fish,play guitar and scratch lottery tickets.

My favorite memory is when Justin went fishing and found a amythest crystal at the lake and he couldn't wait to bring it to me because I am a rock hound and he knowed I was going to love it. Also going on a trip to the smokey mountains with all 3 of my son's. Going fishing with him and his brothers. Him joking around and making me laugh.

His smile, his joking around and making me laugh. His hugs and telling me that he loved me.

As the hardworking,kind,loving and giving person he was. I don't know if he was aware how special he was to do many.

Brady McCready

Age 24
"Shinning Star"
Age 24

Brady was very caring, funny, caring son and brother with the best personality. The shining Star in our lives.

Everything will be missed about him.

A funny, outgoing person with a heart of gold.

Christy M Steinbach

Age 29
Sister, Mother, Daughter, BestFriend
Age 29

Christy was my sister, my best friend, she had her flaws, but she was a fighter. She loved her kids dearly. She didnt deserve to die the way she did. God rest her soul.

Back when we was kids and she was told we wasnt going to get snow on Christmas. She prayed and begged God for snow, and we got some snow.


Her funniness.

Nickolas Joseph Byrum

Age 32
Son, brother, nephew, dad, cousin, friend
Age 32

Smart, handsome, his laugh made you laugh, loved his children. great baseball player, felt empathy for others

He loved movies like Pineapple Express. I loved the way he would laugh. I loved watching him play baseball. I loved how he loved children

His hugs.

Great father to his children. Had a heart of gold.

Will Summers

Age 19
Son, Father, Fiance', Brother
Age 19

My precious babyboy that had a heart of gold. He loved his family and friends immensely.

His love of playing football!

His beautiful blue eyes!

Family was very important to Will. The love he had for his daughter!

Ashley Marie Luthe

Age 32
My only precious daughter
Age 32

My only child and she had a heart of gold and she also had a daughter and she is just as sweet and beautiful as her mom.

The day she was born.

Her laughter, her voice.

I would think by music maybe pictures. This question never really thought about it until now.

Age 28

Jeremiah always had a super smile on his face no matter how times were he always wanted everyone to be happy and enjoy life he was so handsome and gave the greatest hug and loved everyone

My favorite memory is on YouTube it's under most unusual Mother's Son video singing It's Your Love I have the video and it's so awesome love you son

Jeremiah always wanted the best for everyone I will miss his hugs so very much

Jeremiah would like to be remembered for what a kind-giving loving person he always was

Marvin James Sharpe

Age 37
Son, magnificent, loving, funny, everything.
Age 37

Marvin Jimmy, my sonny, is my only child. Thoughtful, funny, SMART, gigantic heart. Loved people - the more the merrier! Wonderful father. Involved brother & uncle. Always called his family to keep in touch. He loved so deeply...he is missed, every single moment of everyday!!!!

Mostly hearing his voice....and being called my "wonterful, bootiful, mutter! :) and his big, warm, hard hugs!

Festively! Singing, sharing fun stories.

Courtney Miranda Buckley

Age 31
Child of God, daughter, sister, friend
Age 31

Courtney was born on November 23, 1989 and from then on she seemed to be an enigma of beauty, energy and light; a vibrant soul transcending expectations. She blazed through the world with her presence bringing joy to all who knew her. Courtney rarely left you without a song, dance, or a joke while captivating your attention and from the moment you came to know her; garnering your trust while both creating and holding space effortlessly. Her friends knew her to be a reliable confidant and fearless advocate. To know Courtney was to witness creativity, passion, and an insatiable curiosity for the gust of life. She loved art in all forms, and went nowhere without her sketchbook and colored pencils. She filled her life with music and dance. She played violin and guitar, she loved to sing and she always danced country! Her work as a cake decorator was the perfect marriage of her passions; creating beauty and bringing joy to others. That beauty and compassion that Courtney bore on the world did not come without a price, and Courtney was proof that the tragic disease of addiction can happen to anyone. The world lost Courtney leaving a tragic and unexpected void in the lives of all who loved her.

Her love and light was greater than this earth could contain.

Courtney loved without prejudice, she helped from her heart without expectations 💜
She truly listened and always kept your confidence. She was talented in singing, playing guitar and violin
She loved to sing and dance Country 👢👢Courtney had the kindest heart , she knew empathy
She was a beautiful soul and that beauty radiated from within

She truly was an angel

miss her saying"mom, you're such a geek"She picked out the perfect gifts special occasions, or to just Express gratitude because she took the time to know you well.

Courtney would want to be remembered as a true friend and confidant. The greatest Red Sox fan and Kenny Chesney groupie that ever lived, LOL she would want the beautiful art of cake decorating that she excelled at remembered and addition to the beautiful tattoos that she designed in memory of people who loved that had passed before her . Courtney always said that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all

Jaycob David Hampton

Age 22
Father brother dearest friend Paisley Daddy
Age 22

Jaycob was one of a kind him just being in the room would change the whole mood and have everyone ready to have a good time he loved cliff diving riding bikes and dirt bikes 420 friendly spending time with his daughter and friends and loved tattoos

Watching the way he loved his daughter

Being here to watch his daughter grow

Hope Danielle Wright

Age 28
Age 28

Beautiful, smart, kind and full of life.

My last hug.

Her laugh

As a mom, daughter, and granddaughter

Jeannine Toudle

Age 57
Mother sister grandmother and loved by everyone
Age 57

My mother was caring giving sharing an loving of all children . My mother was the life of anything she did she always made u smile an happy. She loved her siblings her grandchildren an her children . She loved to travel to see her family an friends

Just my mom always being there my best friend a person to call a person who loved me an spoiled everyone rotten.

I miss her presents. Her voice her laughter her kindness her hugs her words of incouragement. My mother's strength to go . I need her everyday

Strong resilient always bring laughter an loved by the world...

David Meier

Age 23
Brother, Son, Caring, Protective
Age 23

He was everything you would ever want in a sibling. Protective, caring, light hearted. No matter what happened he would always be by your side. He was the reason I knew I could be who I wanted to be when everyone else doubted my dreams.

My favorite memory is probably when we were living in our apartment and we could t decide who’s music should be playing so we kept turning our music up louder then the other until finally out mom shut the whole thing down.

The long rants he would go on that made no sense but you listened anyways. Or his hugs because he always knew they cheered me up.