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Frank Willams

Age 92
Age 92

Frank was a very caring man who cared about everyone around him and always gave back to his community . Frank leaves his love to his family and friends.

We will miss that frank always made us laugh and frank always love to be around his family and friends.

Frank would love to be remembered by his love and his presents he shared wirh all of you.

Chad Cody Blocher

Age 29
Son, Brother, My Life
Age 29

My son was such a beautiful soul. He loved us so much. His sisters were his world. He lived through music and loved dancing around like no one is watching. He had an infectious smile and laugh. He was loved by so many people.

I have so many favorite memories of Chad. His sister and him would have dance parties all the time. They would dress him up like a girl and put makeup on him. He was my side kick growing up. I was a young single mother and it was just he and I for his younger years.

I miss hugging him, seeing his beautiful face and hearing his voice. I miss the bond he had with his sisters. How he would FaceTime with them all. I miss his text messages and phone calls. I wished we had much more time together.

I’d love to have him be remembered for his compassion, gentle, caring and giving heart. He was an amazing soul and he shall be remembered as such. He was and is still very much loved and missed.

Irene Ramsey Moore

Age 50
Mother, sister, Heart of Gold
Age 50

How she was always there for me as I was her own

Her cooking

holy & grateful

Age 58

Loving mother. Hard working single mother.

She loved me and was always there for me whenever I needed her physically and emotionally

The love and care that she gave me

Hard working mom that came to USA to give her kids a better life

Taylor Stonie Whitfield

Age 50
My sister ,had a heart of gold and would give her last to anyone
Age 50

She will be truly missed

Her smile and goofy laugh

I will miss her

Tash David Hanchey

Age 21
Best human I've ever known
Age 21

Tash David was a lover of all things. Animals people babies. He had a heart of gold. If you had ever spent more than 3 mins with him you had a bff forever. He was loyal positive and just the most amazing thing ever

When we sat in my vehicle for my bday ate a whole carrot cake and sang inspirational songs at the top of our lungs. It's was just him and I and it was the best birthday I will ever have

Absolutely everything.
His video calls, text daily
His Hugs they where magical

As beautiful. As someone that made a difference. As unforgettable

Hayden Gared Stanford

Age 27
Amazing husband, ray of light
Age 27

He was the sweetest, most patient person I have ever met. He was always the mediator. He was bubbly, bouncy, happy. Made the worst jokes but you couldn’t help but laugh. He was a bright light in a world of darkness. He was my universe. My Soulmate.

We were standing in our room and he stood up and made me slow dance with him even though there was no music. He was twirling me around and pulling me back. He hugged me tight and kissed me. He told me he loved me. And we just danced for a good ten minutes. I told him how much I loved him.

His smile, his laugh. The gleam in his eyes when he would get happy and giddy over something small. How he would surprise me with small things. How he would tell me that a place didn’t have the thing I wanted then show up and have something behind his back and pull it out and it would be the thing I asked for. How he would open up his arms while we were in bed and have me come lie on his chest. How he would change the energy in a room as soon as he came in, and everyone would suddenly be happier

He would like to be remembered as a husband to a wife that loved him. A car enthusiast, someone who had huge dreams and hope. Patient and always finding a way to help the people around him. A son to a wonderful mother, a brother to two amazing sisters. Someone who seized every moment he could. Who was spontaneous and took chances. Who loved with every fiber of his being and gave his absolute all to everyone he knew no matter what. He would want to be remembered as the beautiful person he was

Mary Owens

Age 65
Age 65

She was a great mother that had a huge heart. Loved to laugh and listen to music and just spend time with family

All of them!!!

Her laugh and smile

Good person and very reapected and loved

Terah Marie Howard

Age 25
Daughter, Sister, Friend
Age 25

A feisty red head with a personality that was almost as infectious and as big as her smile. Loved animals and always looked out for those less fortunate. Insatiable appetite. She had no filter so her knee jerk reactions often surprised us!

Driving in the car one day, I asked her, "How do they get deer to cross at those signs?" And her reply, "I don't know. Maybe they feed them."

I will miss her vivaciousness and her unwavering desire for adventure.

I think she would want to be remembered for her strong will. And I think she'd like to everyone to know how proud she was to be a "ginger".

John Christopher Hilario “JC”

Age 22
Son, brother, father, loved everyone
Age 22

He was my firecracker, born on the 4th of July. Had many dreams and plans for his future. He was smart and takes all the time lol. He didn’t know when to not stop talking. My son was my hero and my world.

One of my favorite memories of my son was him making this noise out of no where just to see us jump.

I miss his beautiful smile

For being a loving, caring, giving son, brother and father. He always put his family first. He would give his shirt and last dollar to help anyone out. He loves his babies more than anything, he was an amazing father.

Bryan Gerben

Age 41
My son and great Dad
Age 41

He was loving and would give you the shirt off his back. He loved his son and daughter with all his heart. He was my protector. He would not let anyone hurt his mom. He always wanted to make everyone happy. This was before his substance abuse became real bad. He would still be as before except less of the person he was,

We would get together at my house on Saturdays. We would cook dinner and watch scary movies.

His smile most of all. Hearing him say I love you Mom. I will miss him being a Dad to his kids.

A Happy and loving man. Someone who would go out of his way to help you! A loving Dad!

Korey J Sprague

Age 24
My son, a beautiful soul!
Age 24

Korey was my heart in every way. His smile and personality would light up any room. He was a wonderful person with a huge heart who always tried to lift others up no matter the situation. He was loved by so many people. To know Korey was to love him!

Hard to answer this one because there are so many. The day he was baptized I was at work and I got a text message with pictures of him smiling as they brought him up out of the water. I burst into happy tears and thanked the Lord! Korey called me and said he had wanted to wait for me to be there when it happened but said he was excited and went ahead but told them to take pictures for me to see. He was in a Christian rehab at this time and I was so very thankful beyond words!

His love, his smile, his humor, his laughter, his quick wit, his hugs, his everyday phone calls, his numerous text messages, facetiming to see him when he wasn't home, his help with technology (I'm very challenged), his companionship, his everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the kindest person that he was who was always ready to help others no matter what. Korey always saw the best in everyone and every situation.

Emelie Kathryn Hughes- Lamb

Age 32
"Daughter, Sister, Loving Mother "
Age 32

Emelie was a beautiful young child full of life and love and adventure. She was creative in all ways ! She loved friends and outings !! She was a poet and artist and athlete ! She was loved 😍 ❤️

Emelie was always looking out for others . She didn't like bullies or fake people. She stood up for the underdogs. At Camp she made friends with a girl that had a growth disorder and looked very tall and gangly at 10 years old. Emelie said to her , " I wish I was as Tall as you ". They became great friends. 👍 Emelie always saw the good in people.

Seeing her be a wonderful mom to her 4 children ❤️ 💕. She loved them so much but her addiction became a monster and robbed her of all her beauty and talents . She had a son and 3 daughters. All amazing children. Her eldest daughter looks just like her. Her son is a charm. They are all wonderful teens now. They lost their mom at 13 ,10 8 and 6 years old. I know Emelie would have loved to been clean and the Mom we have seen her be before the addiction took her.

A beautiful human being filled with love for all things 💕. She was an artist and athlete a friend. A nurse to those with disabilities. A daughter and sister who loved life and family. She was a creator making Christmas gifts for family and friends. She was a mother with a healing touch and listening ear. She knew her children. Emelie was a gardener too with a green thumb.

Ameila Garrett

Age 25
Beautiful young soul , Amazing mom to three young girls ( lizzy(3) marlyin(7) grace(12) , fiancé ( cody lostin ) loved by her mother(Angie garrett) , Father ( Tim Garrett , brother
Age 25

Beautiful young soul , Amazing mom to three young girls ( lizzy(3) marlyin(7) grace(12) , fiancé ( cody lostin ) loved by her mother(Angie garrett) , Father ( Tim Garrett , brother (thomas garrett) , (edward garrett) sister (brianna garrett)

Victor George Swank

Age 36
Father, brother, son, friend
Age 36

My father was an amazing father. The short time I got to spend with him was everything for me! Everyone loved him & I love to hear all the funny, crazy things he did in his life. He went above & beyond for his girls, & I wish I got more time with him

My favorite memory with my dad is when I asked him to take me to the park at 6 am, the sun was barely up but he got up & he took me. While we were there, we seen 100’s of crabs crawling up the boat ramp (the park was next to the Delaware bay), & the sun was just rising. I was only about 3 years old & I remember it so well. It didn’t matter what it was, he made sure me and my sister were happy that’s all he ever wanted for us. I know he would have been the BEST grandfather in the entire universe.

Living my life without him I have missed a lot, his scent of cigars & old leather, I wish I could remember his laugh & his voice, but I’m just glad I have photos to remind me of him & people who also loved him to share their memories with me. He has most certainly been with me throughout my life guiding me, & I whole heartedly believe he is still guiding me throughout this life.

My dad was a funny guy and his sense of humor and good heart is how he would like to be remembered. The way he went out of his way for people & the way that he protected his daughters. He loved ALL kids & made sure all kids were taken care of. He was that kind of dude.

Albert Alton Alexander

Age 34
Loving Son, Father, Brother
Age 34

Albert often gave more than he received. Strangers were just friends he hadn’t met yet. He loved with his whole heart.

Every memory is precious. My son was a prankster. Most his pranks where played on his mom. My best memories are when he spent time with his kids. Helping his daughter build a derby car to race. Helping his son with a project that resulted in his son eventually finishing it after his dad passed away. That project resulted in his son going to NASA space camp.

Albert had an infectious laugh. I miss hearing his laughter. But most of all I miss seeing his joy when he was with his kids. He is especially missed during special moments. His daughter”s performance with the color guard. His son’s band performance. His children”s graduations. He should be here for those special moments, or when his kids have a rough time. Albert always had a way of making us laugh even during the bad times.

Albert was a loving son, father, and brother. He had a brilliant mind and was an inventive mechanic. He could take something broken and find a way to fix it. His children were his guiding light and his pride and joy. If he called you his friend he would be there for you in your time of need. He fought many battles and was victorious. He is a warrior to those who truly knew him. He loved God, and in his brokenness he lead many to Christ.

Hunter Lee Clemons

Age 22
Mama’s boy and big brother
Age 22

Hunter loved to fish any opportunity he had often fishing on a quick lunch break. He was my first love and he gave me a purpose in life. Hunter didn’t have an enemy in the world he was loved by anyone who ever met him.

One time he put a 10 foot snake skin behind my washer machine….I went into a panic thinking a snake was loose in the house…which one of been totally believable because he would always hide random snakes, turtles and reptiles in his room. If we were driving and he seen a turtle somewhere he would make me stop the car and he would go get them. As a teenager he was known to bring alligator snapping turtles home on a regular basis. He has even come through the door carrying a gator once or twice.

I miss the way he said Mama. I miss the Good morning have a great day text and the phone calls just to check on me and see how my day was going.

He would like to be remembered for his love of fishing and outdoors. His sense of humor and love for life. And his hair ❤️ He had great hair!

Dylan Edward Plakstis

Age 30
Son Brother organ donor hero
Age 30

Dylan was kind hearted cared about people. He was loved by all who knew him

My son being born my first child

Not being able to see him get married and grow old.

Being a organ donor hero and by his music he recorded on utube
Hope and Top of the line boss.
D gotti Dylan or Dylan Plakstis or m6 bosses

Spencer Kellow

Age 20
Son, Brother, Grandson, So Loved
Age 20

Spencer was so loved and just wanted to be free of addiction. He loved his dogs and his family. He had an infectious smile. We all tried to help him but it was a battle he couldn’t win. We miss him so terribly.

His smile and laugh.