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Jacob Talamantes

Age 25
Jacob was a father of 2, a brother to Joshua and Samantha. My son.
Age 25

Jake was an ambitious young man. He loved life. He drew people in with his beautiful smile. He always wanted to make us proud.

Always coming home to visit.

His smile and humor…..everything

A beautiful heart.

Tony Lee Smith

Age 44
Dad, Husband, Friend, Son, Brother
Age 44

He loved his family deeply, was loyal to his friends, was passionate about motorcycles and being a mechanic, had a heart as big as Texas and could do anything he set his mind to.

Riding motorcycles in the mountains

Holidays, riding motorcycles, laughing and cuttin’ up.

As a man who loved his family.

Gershon Press Rapoport

Age 38
Son, Grandson, Brother, Cousin, Nephew
Age 38

Handsome, kind, athletic, musically talented

Someone who fought the grip of addiction for a long time

Jeffrey Lynn Council jr

Age 27
Smart, brother, caring, smerk, loving
Age 27

He was my big brother and could always make me smile.

One year on my birthday he was waiting on me at bus stop holding a kitten that had a bow around the kittens neck.

His smile and how he would always say how's my baby sis....

He would want to be remembered how he could always cheer people up and make them smile.

Rahsaan Blake Thompson

Age 38
Loving son, Loved by All
Age 38

Rahsaan was a deeply caring person. As other addicts, he was sensitive to the world's problems and people's pain. He always said he loved his Mother most of all. His father was gone at an early age and Mom and Son were tight as tight could be.

He walked at 9 months old and loved the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park. As a teen, he would make fun of me because I couldn't keep all his friends' names straight. As an adult, we loved watching and analyzing films and just hanging out together.

He was my only child. I miss his voice, his hugs, his laughter and his tears. I miss sharing life with him. I miss sharing memories that only he and I had. No words can encompass the loss. I go on with gratitude for a son who left many beautiful, expressive notes and cards telling me he valued and loved our relationship too.

As a kind and caring person who tried to beat his genetic predisposition to addiction. Remember his warm smile and big heart.

Drew Douglas VanOrden

Age 48
A Gentle Soul Who Loved All
Age 48

My brother Drew was a truly amazing person. He was an amazingly talented musician who worked harder than anyone I know. He was the guy that would show up early to work and leave late. He had an extreme passion for music and spaghetti westerns. An intelligent, handsome one-of-a-kind free-spirited guy who loved God and his family. He fought hard against his addiction for 20+ years. He was a fighter and a real-life winner in my eyes who battled this horrible disease.

This is hard because I have many favorite memories of my brother. From learning Heavy Metal band info in the 80s with him to watching him grow as a father of three beautiful children always having lots of fun when we were all together whether it was jet skiing, hanging out, basketball games, listening to music he was always a light in my life. A best friend that would listen to anything no matter how ridiculous the conversation.

I will miss our daily talks. I will miss him giving me a hard time if I wasn't in the best mood, I will miss him laughing and making fun of silly things. I will miss watching him interact with his children and how that would light up his world.

I believe my brother would like to be remembered as a brave soul who battled hard against the disease of addiction. I believe he would want the world to know that this is a real thing and at times a very hard thing to manage. I believe he would want the world to know how easy it is to get addicted to opioids. His battle started with a prescription to OxyContin after a construction accident and the addiction continued to graduate from there. He was a great musician with impeccable taste for not only writing his own music but loving the music of others. He was a loving father who loved his children more than anything in the world. He would not judge and accepted people for who they were the good, the bad and the ugly. He would want this world to understand that addiction is not a made-up disease and something for most folks is very hard to manage. He would want better programs of recovery for individuals and families affected by this disease.

Carson Wampler

Age 24
a Son, Brother & Father. Brilliant, Compassionate
Age 24

such a sweet, loving, young man w a lot of dreams, love of life & so intelligent! he’ll be missed by all that ever came in contact with him! i miss him so much! there’s a gigantic, hole in my heart!

he loves to cook professionally & would always want me to assist him

his ability to always make me smile! he made me happy if i was sad. he made me hopeful at the times i struggled.

not in the way he was taken from this world… but on his love of life and his hopes for the future! it’s been 2 years, 21 days since my world changed! :(

Christopher Paul Caiola

Age 38
Beloved Nephew Christopher Caiola
Age 38

Christopher was the most kindhearted gentle soul, who put others first. Christopher was loyal and loving to those he loved and was trustworthy.He had character and integrity.He was so smart that he figured out the stock market and became a day trader.

There are many great memories of Christopher. My favorite memory of Christopher occured when he was young. I took him on a trip to the arcades in Elizabeth, NJ. He enjoyed every single moment playing all of the games and even learned to play pool.

Chris was not just my nephew. He was someone with whom I could talk to about anything and know I was never being judged. He accepted and loved me, no matter what. I trusted with my secrets and my struggles. I will miss his smile and humor and hearing about his dreams. I will miss hearing him say, "Hey Aunt Mary".But most of all, I will miss having one of the kindest, most giving and loving people I've known in my life!

Not as a "drug addict", because a disease does not define a person, any more than it does a person who has struggled with Cancer. Christopher will be remembered for the beautiful person he was and the lives he touched. He was a fighter of this disease, but also a victim and casualty to the opioid epidemic. This epidemic continues to steal the precious lives of our loved ones. We all must stand together to fight this common enemy until there are NO MORE innocent victims! I miss and love you!

Sherwin Leroy Hatfield

Age 33
Heart of Gold
Age 33

My sweet nephew had a heart of gold. He was always there looking out for his family. Family was everything to him

His whole life was memorable

Will miss his hugs, his voice just everything about him

He would want us to be the voice for him and the others that we have lost.. Its time to Break the silence

Mackinzie Eileen Fakih

Age 28
Smile that would light up a room, and contagious laugh
Age 28

Mackinzie was beautiful, smart, and loved. She struggled with SUD, but was determined to win the battle. She loved the beach, and spending time with animals.

Watching her dance, and acting silly, and enjoy life

Hearing her laugh, and seeing her smile

Joseph Ihsan

Age 24
Son, Brother, Grandson, and Friend
Age 24

Joey was full of life, light and love. He was smart-too smart, I thought he would change the world. He had a captivating smile, a natural leader. The sparkle in his eye would light up a room, his quick wit made sure you knew he was two steps ahead.

He was my everything. Made me a mom. Memories of his laugh, his eyes and joy keep me going now. He saved a hummingbird, loved his dog, enjoyed swimming and was a beach bum at heart. He wrote amazing stories and loved his video games. He was always up to something. He wanted everyone to be happy. Hated to disappoint or have anyone upset with him. I adored him and the first time he winked at me, to get out of something I am sure - we both laughed that he thought that would work. (but it did)

Hearing his voice calling me ma, mom, or even mama. Hugging him. And of course that smile and twinkle in his eye.

He tried and fought his addiction with everything he had. Over and over again. He searched for love and acceptance and struggled with guilt which fueled his depression and addiction. He was his own worst enemy. He was not weak or lazy. He was a fighter. But, overcoming addiction is HARD. He was always good enough - he just never believed it.

Kassandra Jayne Juarez

Age 31
Mother, daughter, friend, beautiful soul
Age 31

What I wouldn't give to have 1 more day with her. She was a spunky, caring a d very driven girl who loved hard when she loved. She thought of herself as an outside, however, she was nothing of the sort. I wish she knew her worth before her passing because if she had known how much we all valued her, maybe then she'd still be here.

When she came to visit me at work when I was on work release from prison. It was the first time we had really hung out outside of being incarcerated together images remember thinking after she left like geez that was the first time that we've hung out and just being so happy that the one person that I really admired that I met during my time was actually starting to form a really good friendship outside of jail I miss her so fucking much I need her so bad right now

Not having her to help me through tough times, not seeing her amazing smile, never hearing her call me 'hjelle bean' again.

She probably wouldn't . That was just her mentality...

Age 58

Wendell was kind gentle soul
Wonderful human being- he loved everyone.
Generous- was there when you needed him-

universal studios- California
And or vacation in Hollywood ,sea world
With our mom-

The phone calls!! Him calling me sis
Or sissy
Saying how proud he was of me & my son.. his laugh , his hugs and telling me he loved me❤️

Always smiling, alway kind , helpful,
Beautiful soul❤️
Loved his family , loved his kids
Especially his grandchildren ❤️❤️❤️

Tiffany Marie Braithwaite

Age 35
Mother, Daughter, Sister, Warrior, Angel
Age 35

Tiffany was more then a sister to me. She was a legend. She was one of the strongest most selfless women I have ever met. She touched every single person she came in contact with and she loved endlessly. She was the light of so many peoples lives.

Her energy, her love, the way she made everyone around her feel seen and valued. She loved everyone no matter where they were from. She would give the shirt off her back. And she would made sure you smiled even on the worst of days.

Her best friend will be opening up a half way house but I would like to fundraise for mothers in recovery. Tiffany got pregnant while she was on methodone and when she passed away from a fentanyl overdose she left behind a beautiful baby boy.

Joseph Frederick Gulmi

Age 27
Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend,
Age 27

Beyond the humor and classic Joe Jokes, Joe was a rare soul filled with compassion, strength, and love for all--whoever and however they came. He loved his family immensely and cherished his friendships.

He will forever be missed and remembered by his family, friends & the AA community that supported him throughout his life.

Christopher Dolan

Age 48
Huge heart
Age 48

Chris was truly one of a kind. He was funny and sarcastic but also a kindhearted listener who helped many navigate hardships in their lives. He loved children, especially his daughter and truly shined as a father. He will be forever loved and missed.

Darshan Subi Jawanda

Age 61
The most loving Father
Age 61

International Kabaddi player Darshan Singh "Subi" Jawanda was born in Jakhepal, Punjab India on February 25, 1960. He was the husband of Lajveer Kaur and a loving Father to two children, Joty Kaur Jawanda and Sky Singh Jawanda. He was known as one of the best Kabaddi players of his time. He started playing Kabaddi in 5th grade and overtime became the best stopper in all of Punjab. Mardi Sahib is the one that helped him achieve his skills to become the best kabaddi player. His first year in Jalandhar Sports College as a Kabaddi player, he placed first in the Bathinda Championship. There he was given the title "Punjab's Hero." Jalandhar Sports College was established in 1960, since then there had never been anyone to place first place in Punjab until Subi. He then played Kabaddi all around India and remained number 1. He was guaranteed 10-15 stops a match. That's when he was given the nickname "Subi" meaning "rope". His grip was equivalent to a rope. It was said that once he got a hold of his opponent with one hand, there was no letting go. In 1981, Subi was selected to represent Punjab for a tournament in Canada in 1981. He then migrated to New York and took over USA. He was the youngest among his colleagues to play Kabaddi in the US, but that didn't stop him from becoming the best.

While living in New York, Subi married Lajveer Kaur in January 1988. Over 6 years had two loving children. Subi was determined to make his children love sports just as he did. His children remember him as an extremely funny, caring and loving person. He really really loved his children and never failed to show that. They loved him very much also. Everyone loved being around him. He was a pure soul who always had good intentions. He loved wearing hats, you could never catch him without one. He was always styling with new clothes and shoes. He also loved making songs out of any situation, I low key think he wanted to be a singer. His voice was also distinct, you could hear it from a mile away and you knew who that voice belonged to. He got to spend his last good years with his nephew Charanjeet Singh Brar and family. They loved him deeply and took care of him. He spent his last few breaths at their home on March 14, 2021 in Des Moines, Washington. He will truly be missed by many all around the world. They say legends never die and Subi was a Legend.

My favorite memory of my Dad was when he would get ready he would come stand in front of me and my mom so we could compliment him. He would put his hand on his hips and look to the side. It was cute.

Everything. Especially the way he would make all of us laugh.

As the best Dad to his two kids.

Larry Don Green

Age 45
Smart, Calm, Quiet
Age 45

Larry loved music and his job as a stagehand. He spent most of his life in addiction and died due to an overdose. His family loves and misses him dearly. To any  person who suffers from addiction, there is another way to life in recovery. You don't have to do this alone.

Andre Gomez

Age 22
Brother, Gorgeous smile, lovable, Kind
Age 22

One of a kind. He could walk into a room and charm everyone. His smile was contagious and he loved his family. He was kind and thoughtful. He was not afraid to show his emotions and ask for help. He wanted to find happiness and he had goals.

My favorite memory was my last trip home to North Carolina in which I introduced him to his niece and we all bonded. I saw him in the role of the older uncle who was trying to give advice to his teenage niece. We all laughed and cried together. He made such a big impact on my daughter, that as she started boot camp at the Army, she made the comment that she is doing it for her and her uncle Andre. His life was cut short but his memory is always with us. We carry him in our hearts.

His voice and his laugh. The way he made us feel. He loved us so much.

As a person full of passion and willing to experience life at its fullest. Lovable and devoted to family.