Leslie Jordan headshot

The actor and comedian, who passed away last month, talked openly about his experiences with addiction and his life in recovery.

Navy Officer
Jay Wylie

I hope my story can help other vets who may be struggling because I found a way… and I know you can too.

An empty hallway in a hospital
Jess Keefe

Too few hospitals are prepared to identify and treat drug and alcohol misuse. To save lives, that's got to change. 

Matthew Perry memoir book
Jess Keefe

In his new memoir, the actor discusses his journey toward recovery. 

Noah Cyrus on Kelly Clarkson Show
Jess Keefe

The singer talked to Kelly Clarkson about finding herself two years into her recovery from Xanax addiction. 

Joe BIden
Jess Keefe

It’s the biggest executive action on drug policy ever. Here’s what the president’s plan entails.

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Top Addiction & Recovery News  |  Week of Oct. 16, 2022

A man holds his knee while it's in pain
Editorial Team

Dr. Matthew Bernard discusses non-opioid alternatives to knee pain. 

Children trick or treating
Kirsten Seckler

Here's what you need to know. 

Sazha Ramos wearing an orange jumpsuit and a graduation cap, standing on a deck
Sazha Ramos

This Memorial Day, I’m grateful for my recovery. But I know for many veterans, treatment is out of reach.

Two men walking and holding hands
Jess Keefe

Commonly known as a relapse, a recurrence of substance use disorder symptoms isn't a sign of failure. Here's what experts say about supporting someone through the experience.

An iPhone showing a heart graphic

Community support is an essential part of recovery. So what happens when communities shut down?

A small potted plant sitting on a windowsill, with cream-colored curtains mostly drawn
Debbie Pantin

Begin treatment and meet your needs along the way.

A mechanical calculator sitting on a yellow surface
Roy Viger, CPA, Avenues Recovery Center

Understanding how your care will be paid for is an important part of the treatment process.

A candle wick on a black background, with red, green, and gold lights

The holiday season is tough for people affected by addiction. This year it's looking even more so, as COVID-19 continues to keep us isolated from friends, family, and support systems.

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Together, we can make a real, tangible change for those affected by addiction.

By donating today, you will give families the support they need. Where there’s help, there’s hope.

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