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Debbie Loftus Shipe McGuire

Age 56
Mother to Many & Friend to All, Smile like the Sun
Age 56

She was a hard worker. She would work her tail off for you if you would let her. She thought about herself little, and of her community more than it probably deserved. A sense of humor that not everyone in the room could catch & a sense Etiquettcy.

I remember how she was a private person and it’s what made her so intriguing. Making her smile with monologues was about the greatest thing to be a part of. She was always genuin even if you were in trouble. She quickly forgave in a way that I can’t quite describe. Authenticity was always appreciated and she had an eye for it. Each time she came into a room the energy would simultaneously increase and if there was any tension it would be gone by the time she walked past you. She mattered.

Golden hair that blew in the wind reaching what seemed like the floor; was typically down, and quiet curly. Candles! They were always lit and she has a particular way to extinguish them. The sent of Gardenia was her most favorite. Her walls had porcelain Marty gra styled masks along with stars and moons. She liked to see other express themselves threw fashion.

As being whole. No woes. As, her sun has set; and her life ended here, in another world her shine has risen.

Christina Yvette Tackett/Warf

Age 30
Daughter, Mother, Sister, Big Heart
Age 30

Christy was my first born , she taught me how to be a Mama . She struggled with addiction early on in her life . She was a Mother of three, had three siblings a beautiful smile and loving heart.

My favorite memory would be holding her first born LeighAnna a three month old little girl while watching her Mama walk across stage and collect her High School Diploma.

I miss her smile , she had a beautiful smile (after years of braces lol) And beautiful eyes that were blue but would change to hazel like color

I feel like she gave her life to save mine . I was a addict at that time also . I think she would want to save people , stop the stigma

Travis Zane

Age 29
Son, brother, nephew
Age 29

Full of craziness, loved all holidays, dimples with beautiful blue eyes, loved bonfires, loved to fish

So many memories...the day he dragged home a beat up Carolina Skiff behind his bike to fix to go fishing..couple months he went fishing in it.


Devon Michael Decker

Age 29
Loving Son and Proud Father
Age 29

Devon was always very loyal to his family and his friends. He was everyone’s protector. He loved with his whole heart. We were so close and he would talk to me about everything and anything, or so I thought. He is missed and loved so very much.

I cherish all of my memories with Devon, all 29 years of them, even the bad ones. However, my all time favorite would have to be watching him with his son James. He was an unexpected and pleasant surprise and he stepped up from day one. I was so proud of Devon for that. Watching the two together always melted my heart. The love they had for each other really was very apparent.

What I will miss most about Devon are his hugs and pecks on the cheek. Hearing his voice, telling me he loves me. I will miss him asking me for rides to work, buying him cigarettes, us giving each other advice. He could debate like no other and I’ll miss that too! Most of all I will miss his interactions with his son and him being there for him. It makes me sad knowing James has to grow up without his Father!!

I would like Devon to be remembered as the kind soul that he was. That he never met a stranger. The love he had for everyone he knew and that the love was returned. He was smart, witty, handsome, and was a great cook. He will forever be loved and missed.

Michael Scott O’Brien

Age 42
Son, Brother, Father, Loved by All
Age 42

Michael was so friendly and lovable that everyone liked him. He tried so hard and took it really hard when he failed. He was just so funny and lovable.

When I was in the hospital and he and his son came to see me and he posted a picture of me on Facebook and said “My Mom after her millionth surgery.”

His teasing, how much he loved me and for being a son he had no problem expressing his love for me.

As being fun, friendly, a good basketball player, and he loved his family.

Mys Dunbar

Age 29
Happy loud mother
Age 29

Very good friend and mother

My 29th birthday in Hudson court

Her vfriendship

Michael Alan Brown

Age 28
He was the best uncle ever and real kind and sweet, she always helped everyone out when they needed it .
Age 28

He was a real nice sweet hearted person that me and my whole family loved . When nowhere was there when I needed them he was , always the person I run too when I needed help or advice . Also he was funny too lol I loved that about my uncle.

We had went to the pond to sit there and feed the ducks , and so we was walking and one of the ducks was coming up to her too fast he was like oh hell Nawl that damn duck need back it’s ass up lol .

He sweetheart and he goofiness

He would like to be remember as a loyal and respected person .

Samuel C Wallace

Age 20
Son, brother, uncle, grandson, strong!
Age 20

Fought his demons with everything he had...
He had a heart of gold that now lives on in the recipient of his beautiful heart!
Loved by all who knew him. He cared so much for, and would give anything he had to the less fortunate.
So very missed, and so very loved! Heaven has an amazing (and strong) angel!!

Derby Sykes

Age 33
Son, Brother, Father, Hard Worker
Age 33

Derby is my youngest son (middle child), he was a hard worker (roofer), a wonderful dad, and a loving son. He became clean the last few months of his life and attended church with his grandfather. He enjoyed fishing but most of all, he enjoyed life.

Every single day he was in my presence is a favorite memory.

I miss his texts, "Good morning momma. I hope you have a good day". Then throughout the day, "Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and I love you momma" Then at nights, "Good night momma. Sweet dreams, I love you", I miss hugging him. I miss seeing those baby blue eyes. I miss his voice. I miss his laughter. I just miss my baby boy,

Jean Ann Williams

Age 87
Age 87

Mom was a selfless caring person always thinking of others and not herself and always worrying about everyone.

I’m going to miss talking to her daily and seeing her smile. We are all going to miss you mom thank you for loving us all so much, you were a wonderful mother and friend to all.

Survived by four children Debra/Keith Bennett, Julie/John Nelson, Annette/Kenneth Peterson and proceeding her, her son James Williams. Seven grandchildren and several great grandchildren and special friend Peggy Voss. Jean passed away peacefully along side her daughter Julie at the age of 87 and could not wait to see her loving son Jim whom she missed terribly, she said she was going to find Jim and I’m sure he was there with arms wide open.

Madilyn Ciara Johnson

Age 22
Cousin best friend
Age 22

Amazing personality very funny

When we were in my kitchen saying rat

Her life


Age 34

Joe was loved by so many people and family. He could put a smile on your face if you were down. Joe will be remembered by his big heart and caring if people. He would do anything for you and help where he could. He is sadly missed by his whole family. And his mom misses the phone calls from him saying I love you momma.

Loving, caring,helpful

The i love you mama

Mary Ann Martin

Age 49
Daughter,Mother,Sister,Aunt and Friend
Age 49

My sister was a person who spoke what was on her mind but would do what ever she could for you.Mother of two Davie Harrison and Keya Martin and loved her many grandkids.She would give me hugs and advices and I miss her.

She was the life of the party in the Moore family.

She was an outspoken and caring person.

Daughter,Sister,Mother ,Aunt and Friend who loved life and enjoyed it.

Randall “Randy “ Paul Fish

Age 31
Son , Brother , Nephew , Cousin , Uncle
Age 31

A true example of strength in every sense of the word , an absolutely contagious smile and heart of gold .He was always there for the people he loved . He will forever be missed and remembered for being him unapologetically , authentically, genuinely

We all love and miss you so much Ran ♥️

Frank Willams

Age 92
Age 92

Frank was a very caring man who cared about everyone around him and always gave back to his community . Frank leaves his love to his family and friends.

We will miss that frank always made us laugh and frank always love to be around his family and friends.

Frank would love to be remembered by his love and his presents he shared wirh all of you.

Chad Cody Blocher

Age 29
Son, Brother, My Life
Age 29

My son was such a beautiful soul. He loved us so much. His sisters were his world. He lived through music and loved dancing around like no one is watching. He had an infectious smile and laugh. He was loved by so many people.

I have so many favorite memories of Chad. His sister and him would have dance parties all the time. They would dress him up like a girl and put makeup on him. He was my side kick growing up. I was a young single mother and it was just he and I for his younger years.

I miss hugging him, seeing his beautiful face and hearing his voice. I miss the bond he had with his sisters. How he would FaceTime with them all. I miss his text messages and phone calls. I wished we had much more time together.

I’d love to have him be remembered for his compassion, gentle, caring and giving heart. He was an amazing soul and he shall be remembered as such. He was and is still very much loved and missed.

Irene Ramsey Moore

Age 50
Mother, sister, Heart of Gold
Age 50

How she was always there for me as I was her own

Her cooking

holy & grateful

Age 58

Loving mother. Hard working single mother.

She loved me and was always there for me whenever I needed her physically and emotionally

The love and care that she gave me

Hard working mom that came to USA to give her kids a better life

Taylor Stonie Whitfield

Age 50
My sister ,had a heart of gold and would give her last to anyone
Age 50

She will be truly missed

Her smile and goofy laugh

I will miss her