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Robert Wood

Age 41
Brother, Father,Fiance,Pop
Age 41

Bob was always putting everyone before himself. He loved seeing anyone smile. If he could help someone it made his day. He was happy full of life. He could make friends anywhere and those friends till this day say how he changed their lives.

He had just gotten a new car and wanted to change the steering wheel . Well he and a friend took the old one off but for some strange reason couldn't get the new one on. So for months he drove with pliers attached as a steering wheel.

The way he would make someone's bad day turn into a great day. I'm going to miss his loyalty his love. His smile

Bob would wanna be remembered as the way people knew him.

Leontae Inez Williamson III

Age 22
Son, Brother, Cousin, Father, Heart of Gold
Age 22

Leontae better known as “Tae” was very loved. Known as a wonderful son also a 3rd by generations. Everyone loved the type of person that he was, always on time and never let anybody down or behind.

When it comes to memories, we will always remember “Tae” as a blessed soul.

We will miss Leontae by his smile, his laugh, and his hugs! We will miss the days he had drove everyone crazy and still made it a good time, making it about family as, or he would have done himself.

Dana Rochelle Hertzovitz

Age 29
Daughter caring funny smart loved
Age 29

My daughter had mental illness and addiction for many years she had an amazing personality but the drugs stole that from her! And now the drugs stole her from us I love and miss her so much I wish I could've saved her but she couldn't save herself ! 😔

My favorite memories are hearing her sing around the house, getting off the school bus running to me watching her cheerlead and play sports making me laugh with her funny sense of humor. Singing you are my sunshine every night before she went to bed watching how wonderful she was with children and adults with problems she was so caring and gentle with them my favorite memory is I knew she loved me and I love her

I miss her phone calls I miss her hugs I miss her laughter i Miss her face I miss her text I miss what could of been if she wasn't addicted to drugs I Miss her😢

Dana had a very good heart she would help anyone she loves making people laugh she had a beautiful voice! She love taking care of babies and people with special needs anything that Dana has ever done wrong it was not her it was the drugs that changed her she really was an amazing person! Please keep her in your prays as I will pray for you all 🙏🏻

Larry O Howard

Age 0
Age 0

He was a very happy man.He loved his family and had only one son Name of Akeem Burton who resides in Mount Vernon New York.He was a military Veteran.But most importantly he stayed to himself.

I remember the one time when he came n he brought me Christmas gifts n he said that was my rent money.

His love I will miss the most n his laughter

As a man of honor

Brenda S Martin

Age 66
Heart of gold, loved everyone, Mother, Grandma Sister, Daughter
Age 66

She was a very loving caring person, a great mother,She is survived by her daughters, Shelia,Loretta,Betty and her only son Lazarus Jr. She will be missed dearly by family and friends.Until we meet again rest easy angel, we love you and miss you with all our hearts.

Her personality would light up a room, her smile would brighten anyones day.

We will miss her love, her smile, her laughter, her hugs, and kisses.

She would like to be remembered as the great mother she was and the light that she brought to so many lives

Brayden Ellis Sandoval

Age 21
Bray had a heart of gold.
Age 21

Best hugs ever!

That precious smile.


Bray loved his son so very much.

Jordan Walker

Age 31
Son, father, brother
Age 31

Jordan was my oldest son. I wish so badly that he could’ve seen himself through the eyes of all the people that loved him so much. He was so funny, he could always make me laugh even when he was in trouble. Great personality all around.

My fav memories of him are after his oldest son was born and seeing them together. Hearing his son laugh with him is something I will always cherish.

I miss his smile, voice, laugh. His personality was great. He was such a funny, smart, amazing soul, I miss everything. I miss the time we should’ve been able to spend together as a family. I miss the hope I had for his life and wanting so badly for him to be happy.

I think he would want to be remembered as the hilarious, caring, awesome human being he was. Also that he cared about other people, loved his family and friends, and was just a good guy.

Lee Kemler

Age 39
Son Beautiful Soul
Age 39

He was such a beautiful soul . His smile could light up the room . He was a wonderful person, kind , sweet . He left two beautiful daughters. I miss him so much .

How much he loved to dance .

Everything ❤️

He would like to be remembered for his knowledge of sports. His kindness , thoughtfulness. And always being a good friend. He was so loved .

Jacob King

Age 15
Brother, Father, CES Student, FR Advocate.
Age 15

Michael Gary Barbolla

Age 75
Loving Father
Age 75

Awesome dad loving strong

Going to see the bicentenial train

Being her for me and my children and my mom

Michael Gary Barbolla born in Fort Worth Texas February 10,1947. He passed away in his Apopka Florida home on June 27,2022 surounded by his loving and faithful wife of 53 years Julianne R Barbolla and his daughter Julie Eileen Mor-Barbolla. He is now in the loving arms of his mother Pauline Barbolla, His Father Michael Barbolla and his loving son Michael Christopher Barbolla. He is survived by his wife Julianne Barbolla Daughter Julie Eileen Mor Barbolla 3 grandchildren Reuben Arreola, Rachel Kinsey, and Chelsea Arreola. 4 greatgrand children Maddie Thompson, Abigail Tillery Nina Arreola and his first grandson Reuben jr Arreola. He was a very loving father and husband. He fought to the very end. I can not wait till we are reunited again. I love you daddy.

Ronald Anthony Pileggi

Age 32
Friend, Beloved Brother and Son
Age 32

Ron was a leader and an inspiration to many; he lived the truth and wisdom he shared. He was a good friend to all who knew him, a good listener, an encourager. He was smart, funny, and strong.

We will miss his dry humor, his intimidating intelligence, and warmest of embraces.

Ron was a beloved son and brother to his three sisters, and a kind and loving uncle. He had many friends in his AA community, church family, and Pacific North West wilderness survival and marksmanship training group. He had a natural talent with computers and he completed an IT Cybersecurity Course at the University of Oregon in Portland October, 2020 leading to several jobs in IT security. He started a growing business. Ron met life head on and lived life to the fullest.

Gabriella Cruz Aviles

Age 18
Beautiful, Kind Hearted, Infectious Smile
Age 18

Gabriella had a huge heart, infectious smile, and would light up the darkest room. She was beautiful inside and out!

Spending time together!! Driving across country from California to our new home in Raleigh.

Everything, Everyday….Not being able to see my beautiful baby, hear her voice, It hurts so much!

Gabriella was always positive and wanted to make everyone happy. She would never say no to someone in need.

Lisa Ann Beatty_ogden0

Age 49
Age 49

Love everyone giving loving special

@ 12 she got her hair cought in the hand mixer while making a cake

Her beautiful smile and her bubble personally

For loving everyone to her everyone was special

Gregory Chase Carter

Age 29
Son, Brother, Grandson, Friend, kind heart
Age 29

My son was kind, and caring. He was a nice person with a heart of gold. He was very laid-back, never confrontational. Even if things at the moment were not looking so good, he still had a positive outlook on life. He loved us and we loved him,

Too many good memories to put in this box. If you would like to read my "Reflections" please visit…

I will miss seeing him. I will miss being able to text him about things going on with his other two siblings. I will miss the dreams and goals and future we strived for him to have. I will miss being able to talk about our fond memories from his childhood with him. I will miss having a "tomorrow" with him. I will miss him so much.

I'm not sure. I think he would like to be remembered as a friend. Poetic, and deep thinker. Easy-going, laid back cool guy to his friends. To his family, I think he would like to be remembered as someone who loved us and tried his best at life in spite of his substance addiction. Loving and caring, intelligent, handsome, loads of potential, loved his family and had a great sense of humor.

Terrell Lorenzo Washington

Age 38
Brother,Friend,Heart of Gold, Loveable,
Age 38

Terrell was a kind heart loveable person that got alone with everybody. He was a nature peace of joy in every body life he was around. Special in his own way God craft him to love and be love by everyone.

Terrell never fit in to the circle he made the circle. How every time I get upset with him he come back and make a joke and tell me how much he love me. I remember that he always get me to watch cartoons with him even when my kids can't. He always eat every thing i don't think it was a food he didn't like. I miss telling him to stop smokeing them cigarette.

He was a protect in the time of need for those he love. He love everybody. He love my kids. Also he love every one in general i truely think he was the dictionary of love.

Terrell would like to be remembered with a full stomach, happy,laughing with a cigarette. He was a good Brother and great Uncle and Babysitter.

Zachary Ryan Williams

Age 31
Beloved Brother, Son, Partner
Age 31

He was funny and smart with a huge heart. He had no idea how much I adored him and he never realized how smart he was.

I remember him when he was little. We were 16 years apart, so I took him everywhere when I was a teenager. He was my little sidekick that followed me everywhere. He called me "Sissy." I adored him with my whole heart. I was so sad when I left him at age 2 to go away to college.

I will most miss his kind heart and sense of humor—his love of animals. I miss his hugs, and I miss his genius sense of direction.

That he was a fierce liberal that believed in equality and helping those in need. He believed in justice and caring for those that have been neglected and abused - people and animals.

Carrie Oliver

Age 66
Biggest heart on the planet loved everyone especially god
Age 66

She loved me unconditionally no matter what i wish i can pay her back for her love but you can't buy love she always made sure we had a meal the holidays was great she was the best cook im learning from her she was my mom and dad


Her love and conversations about god

As a loving person

Le Thi Huynh

Age 70
Beloved mother, Best Friend, Heart Of Gold, Strong heart.
Age 70

My mom was my best friend and the best mother I can ever ask for. I was so lucky and fortunate to have a loving, great mother, she raised me well. My mother taught me so much, she made me who I am today, I couldn’t do what I do without my mom 🥰❤️

My favorite memory of my mother is when we spend quality time together watching movies, YouTube food channels, traveling, dining out, shopping at the mall, eating dinner together, going for walks at the park, going to concerts together, everything I do with my mother is my favorite memory of my beloved mother. She was my best friend and my mother at the same time. She is my other half, without her I feel so alone and not complete. She taught me well. She was the best cook ever. I miss you 😢

EVERYTHING her presence. Her laugh, her singing, her smile, her good talks, her advice in life, her cooking, her smell, her touch, her support in everything I do…

My mom would like to be remembered by all her kids by showing her that we are all good kids raised by her and to never give up and to make her very happy by following her footsteps.

Brianna Miesfeld

Age 27
Beautiful daughter, mother and sister.
Age 27

Brianna was loving and down to earth. She would always put everyone else first. She would make us laugh out of the blue with something she said. She was smart and tried so hard in her life. She was a trusting person and always forgive easily.

Brianna was a waitress and when she was 16 I told her to show me her waitressing skills. She put a glass of iced tea on the table and I said I need some lemon. Brianna came back to the table and dropped a whole lemon in the glass and we all busted out laughing! That’s just how she was she would be so unexpected in things she did. I loved watching her with her boys and how much she loved them.

I miss her smile and her hugs. I will miss her heart and how much she loved people.

She would want to be remembered by how much she loved her boys and how much she was her mothers daughter.