Headshot of Jen Wysong, a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a blue stone necklace and a grey t-shirt

Lights, camera, action! 

A girl in a coat looks out at a river
Jess Keefe

There are ways to get through the holidays.

The author in front of her car, which features a Princess Leia tire cover
Sarah Bowen

I called one of my remaining friends and said, “Help me, Helen. You’re my only hope.”

Debbie Williams

Debbie, a Shatterproof Ambassador, shares a letter she wrote to the daughter she lost. 


A beach ball floating in a pool
Anne De Santis Lopez

Protect your wellness while making the most of summer.

Nancy Vericker

Coupled with fear is a flicker of hope.

Taylor and Bryanna, in white dresses, posing for a photo

At 15, Bryanna struggled with alcohol and drugs. Today, she’s thriving in recovery. 

The Hijacker video still
Editorial Team

Video series from Addiction Policy Forum

Helen Morrison - Shatterproof Ambassador
Helen Morrison

Volunteering with Shatterproof offers me a sense of giving back. 

Ashley Riley at a conference holding up ATLAS brochures
Ashley Riley

ATLAS is coming to 4 new states! 

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Editorial Team

More than two-thirds of patients have leftover opioids after surgery.

The author
Avneet Isabella Himebaugh

It started with a phone call.

Shatterproof's CEO, Gary Mendell, with his son Brian as a young child

What does this mean for families impacted by addiction?

An old family photo of the author, in sunglasses, holding her baby son Tommy
Colleen Michaelis

Being a mom feels impossible sometimes. 

Courtney Friel

“You don’t seem the like sort of person who’d have a problem.”

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Together, we can make a real, tangible change for those affected by addiction.

By donating today, you will give families the support they need. Where there’s help, there’s hope.

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