1 in 10 women report drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, at a "Just Say No" assembly
Jess Keefe

Here's what to try instead. 

Rick Werner
Rick Werner

We lost our son to fentanyl 2 years ago.

Dry in July Mocktail
Editorial Team

You don't have to give up the craft cocktail experience.

A meme of Oprah saying, "you get a mocktail! You get a mocktail!"
Laura Silverman

I’m sober, not boring.

Taylor McNeil and her brother
Taylor McNeil

Finding a new support team after losing my brother.

A close-up on two people holding hands
Dr. Louise Stanger

Loved ones are likely to experience feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy. 

The author with friends on a beach
Holly Jespersen

I used to try to be everything to everyone. But in recovery, I've learned how to have deeper, more meaningful friendships.

Brett with his daughter, Sammie
Jennifer Cartright

"Why did I survive and Brett did not?"

Grant Hill, at the gym
Grant Hill

Untreated injuries can lead to even more pain. 

Lena Camilletti

Four pharmaceutical companies have reached a settlement with two Ohio counties.

Stigma Wall - Words Matter

Research shows the words we use influence our perceptions.


Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family will pay the state nearly $275 million.

The author, pitching in a baseball game
Alan Charles

One snort of cocaine, 24 years lost.

Dr. Binetti's head shot

Dr. Binetti started a nonopioid approach with patients. 

Two adults hugging

Together, we can make a real, tangible change for those affected by addiction.

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