Romeo Julian Jones Jr.

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What Romeo was like

He always had the best stories to tell and he would make me laugh like it was no one’s business. His smile was everything! I loved his sexy lips. His hair was gorgeous and being in his embrace was the best place to be in the world.

Fondest memories of Romeo

Our first kiss because it was the day I told him that I loved him. He didn’t believe me and told me I shouldn’t say things I don’t mean. I was hurt by his comment and went to the bathroom because I got emotional. When I came out he was there waiting for me and we kissed. It was so magical and I knew in that moment he loved me too. I replay that moment again and again in my head.

How Romeo will be missed

Talking endlessly about everything under the sun and moon.
His warm hugs and kisses.
His smile and laughter.
His essence.

How Romeo will be remembered

Trans, Black, and Proud.