Darshan Subi Jawanda

The most loving Father
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What Darshan was like

International Kabaddi player Darshan Singh "Subi" Jawanda was born in Jakhepal, Punjab India on February 25, 1960. He was the husband of Lajveer Kaur and a loving Father to two children, Joty Kaur Jawanda and Sky Singh Jawanda. He was known as one of the best Kabaddi players of his time. He started playing Kabaddi in 5th grade and overtime became the best stopper in all of Punjab. Mardi Sahib is the one that helped him achieve his skills to become the best kabaddi player. His first year in Jalandhar Sports College as a Kabaddi player, he placed first in the Bathinda Championship. There he was given the title "Punjab's Hero." Jalandhar Sports College was established in 1960, since then there had never been anyone to place first place in Punjab until Subi. He then played Kabaddi all around India and remained number 1. He was guaranteed 10-15 stops a match. That's when he was given the nickname "Subi" meaning "rope". His grip was equivalent to a rope. It was said that once he got a hold of his opponent with one hand, there was no letting go. In 1981, Subi was selected to represent Punjab for a tournament in Canada in 1981. He then migrated to New York and took over USA. He was the youngest among his colleagues to play Kabaddi in the US, but that didn't stop him from becoming the best.

While living in New York, Subi married Lajveer Kaur in January 1988. Over 6 years had two loving children. Subi was determined to make his children love sports just as he did. His children remember him as an extremely funny, caring and loving person. He really really loved his children and never failed to show that. They loved him very much also. Everyone loved being around him. He was a pure soul who always had good intentions. He loved wearing hats, you could never catch him without one. He was always styling with new clothes and shoes. He also loved making songs out of any situation, I low key think he wanted to be a singer. His voice was also distinct, you could hear it from a mile away and you knew who that voice belonged to. He got to spend his last good years with his nephew Charanjeet Singh Brar and family. They loved him deeply and took care of him. He spent his last few breaths at their home on March 14, 2021 in Des Moines, Washington. He will truly be missed by many all around the world. They say legends never die and Subi was a Legend.

Fondest memories of Darshan

My favorite memory of my Dad was when he would get ready he would come stand in front of me and my mom so we could compliment him. He would put his hand on his hips and look to the side. It was cute.

How Darshan will be missed

Everything. Especially the way he would make all of us laugh.

How Darshan will be remembered

As the best Dad to his two kids.