Andre Gomez

Brother, Gorgeous smile, lovable, Kind

What Andre was like

One of a kind. He could walk into a room and charm everyone. His smile was contagious and he loved his family. He was kind and thoughtful. He was not afraid to show his emotions and ask for help. He wanted to find happiness and he had goals.

Fondest memories of Andre

My favorite memory was my last trip home to North Carolina in which I introduced him to his niece and we all bonded. I saw him in the role of the older uncle who was trying to give advice to his teenage niece. We all laughed and cried together. He made such a big impact on my daughter, that as she started boot camp at the Army, she made the comment that she is doing it for her and her uncle Andre. His life was cut short but his memory is always with us. We carry him in our hearts.

How Andre will be missed

His voice and his laugh. The way he made us feel. He loved us so much.

How Andre will be remembered

As a person full of passion and willing to experience life at its fullest. Lovable and devoted to family.