Thai Bui

I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from University of California Irvine and a Master of Public Health from California State University Long Beach. Prior to joining Shatterproof as a program coordinator, I was a health educator for the LA County Department of Public Health, where I provided technical assistance, conducted numerous site-visits of schools across LA County, assisted key community partners virtually or by phone calls, coordinated multiple projects, etc. I am an advocate for health equity and very passionate in serving the disadvantaged communities. I believe healthy outcomes and decision-making for each individual or community stem from well defined research-based interventions. In my free time, I enjoy reading fictional novels, swimming, playing water polo, hiking, kayaking, cooking, and walking across the local beaches. Shatterproof's mission to end addiction stigma, provide valuable resources in the form of addiction treatment or educational materials, and advocate for change is a mission I'm truly excited to commit and venture into.

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