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Debbie Pantin

Begin treatment and meet your needs along the way.

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The holiday season is tough for people affected by addiction. This year it's looking even more so, as COVID-19 continues to keep us isolated from friends, family, and support systems.

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Roy Viger, CPA, Avenues Recovery Center

Understanding how your care will be paid for is an important part of the treatment process.

Jon Robert Hall

Today, I am releasing a song I wrote. It's the same day that, four years ago, I took my last pill. 

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Kelly Minnick

Addiction is an isolating disease for everyone. But since Ian's death, I've learned that almost everyone has a loved one or knows someone with a substance use disorder.

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John Purcell

Finding the right addiction treatment is essential for recovery. I am miraculously lucky, but many are not.

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Top Addiction & Recovery News  |  Week of Oct. 9, 2022

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Ashley Narvaez

Together, we're starting conversations that shed light on stigma. 

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Renee Barros

2,100 participants helped raise over $700,000 during the Stronger Than Addiction Challenge. 

Cynthia English

When it comes to common women's health procedures, there ARE pain management alternatives.

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Matthew Stefanko

The Summit identified areas for future research. 

Jennifer G. Velez

ATLAS is celebrating its 1 year anniversary. 

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Holly Jespersen

Here are my top tips for getting festive without jeopardizing your health.

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I’d love to tell my mom that I understand how much shame she’s feeling. I want to tell her how her drinking affects me. But it's hard.

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