CVS Pharmacy

Another big opioid settlement payout is coming to the states. Where will that money go? 

Joicy Salgado on a hike

Advice from a Psychotherapist

Leslie Jordan headshot

The actor and comedian, who passed away last month, talked openly about his experiences with addiction and his life in recovery.

Navy Officer
Jay Wylie

I hope my story can help other vets who may be struggling because I found a way… and I know you can too.

An empty hallway in a hospital
Jess Keefe

Too few hospitals are prepared to identify and treat drug and alcohol misuse. To save lives, that's got to change. 

Matthew Perry memoir book
Jess Keefe

In his new memoir, the actor discusses his journey toward recovery. 

Noah Cyrus on Kelly Clarkson Show
Jess Keefe

The singer talked to Kelly Clarkson about finding herself two years into her recovery from Xanax addiction. 

Joe BIden
Jess Keefe

It’s the biggest executive action on drug policy ever. Here’s what the president’s plan entails.

People standing together, reading news

Top Addiction & Recovery News  |  Week of Oct. 16, 2022

A man holds his knee while it's in pain
Editorial Team

Dr. Matthew Bernard discusses non-opioid alternatives to knee pain. 

Children trick or treating
Kirsten Seckler

Here's what you need to know. 

The United States Department of Justice, a large grey stone building against a blue sky. Photo by Tony Webster
Courtney Gallo Hunter, VP, State Policy

As the federal settlement dollars begin to come in, we must ensure that this money is spent wisely.

A dais with several men and women in business clothing standing around it

Accessing science-based addiction treatment just got a lot easier in Wisconsin.

A dais with several men and women in business clothing standing around it

Four new addiction bills have passed. Here's what they'll achieve.

A bar graph showing the research. For LGB high school students, their rate of use was 25% higher for alcohol and 62% higher for marijuana when compared to rates among their straight peers.

"In the face of one of the worst drug crises in the U.S. ever, these disparities are incredibly alarming and underscore the need for national prevention strategies to be LGBTQ-inclusive."

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